1951 Ford For Sale $5700
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1951 Ford For Sale $5700

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$5700.00 Price Reduced! Think about this folks, You can spend less but you will need to put money into a less expensive Shoebox, plus your Labor! Read and see what I have done. I have $8900.00 into this car. This is actual costs that 9 times out of 10 can not be avoided. I follow these 49 to 51 Fords all the time, they just do not sell for the high bucks. You get what you pay for, at least with this car you can drive it right now and still be able to work on the Body and Interior at the same time, or just drive it as it is.

I just got in a brand new Radiator for this car at a cost of $645.00 it came from Shoe Box Ford Parts.

I purchased this from the Original Owner back in June. It came from MO. It was stored in 1973. This is the original Paint. I have all the Original Paper Work, Bill of Sale, Books, Owner Manuals, ect from when this man purchased the Car back in 1951. The man passed away and I bought it from the estate. I have it on the road and I have been driving it a lot. It now runs excellent with all the new items I put onto it. All the Gauges work.

I have invested a lot of money in this car to make it a good driver which now it is. It has a few Dents and Creases. Chrome was painted on the front grill.

When I purchased the car it already had the complete brake system rebuilt, Master, Wheel Cylinders, Brake Lines, Brake Shoes. This Car stops on a Dime! It has a You Tube Video 1951 FORD--ONE OWNER on the previous eBay ad. Check it out and now the car is even better than the you tube ad. Also new Wide White Tires and Ford Hubcaps.

Now here is what I have done to it so far.

New Gas Tank and Sending Unit and Hoses and Clamps From Dennis Carpenter. New Carburetor from Dennis Carpenter New Fuel Pump Electric New Seat Covers New Custom Built Headers and Exhaust System that has a very nice mellow deep tone. Dual Exhaust!! 2" Pipe all the way from Headers to Exhaust Tips. Rebuilt Generator. New 6V Battery New Voltage Regulator Two New 165 Degree Thermostats New Headlights A lot of Wiring Replaced New Patch Panels for under the Head Lights. This is the only areas that had some Rust. Emergency Brake works excellent. New Radiator 2 Water Pumps

The Car is Very Solid, Floors, Trunk, Fenders, Hood, Deck, Roof, Rockers Inner and Outer, Frame all solid. I have almost $9000.00 in this car. I paid $4500.00 for the car. $950.00 for shipping and the balance is in all new parts. I am going to take a loss on this car. Reason for selling is I need the money to finish a 1950 Chopped ShoeBox that I am doing a frame off on. I would like to get $5700 was asking $7800 I need to move this car. Email me www.harold@advancedtool.com for more pictures and information. VEHICLE HAS BEEN SOLD

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